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Yoga Retreat FAQ'S .... Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Who can organize a retreat?
A. Retreats are organized through a Retreat Organizer / Coordinator / Studio Owner who arranges the retreat by liaising between retreat registrants and the place where the retreat is being held. You are a person who represents Swamijj and performs all the necessary tasks that help make the retreat a success. These tasks are all-inclusive of,  and more than the following: Renting the Space / Yoga Studio, Collecting payments, Advertising, Registering the participants, etc. The Retreat Organizer receives a percentage of the generated income and also gets to attend the retreat free of charge. 

Q. Who can attend Swami Kripananda ís retreats?
A. Anybody can attend the retreats conducted by Swami Kripananda. Beginners are welcome to the retreats.  If you have a medical condition, however, it is important that you consult with your doctor and inform us about the condition so we can make the necessary preparations to accommodate you. Postures are practiced through internal adjustments so both beginners as well as advanced students will be able to practice the same exercises together.

Q. Do I have to bring anything to the retreat?
A. For yoga exercises, if mats and other props are not available at the retreat center, the same may be arranged by our team. Yoga Mats, Blocks and Yoga Ties are a great asset to yoga posturing. For meditation, it is always advisable to use your own seats (cushions).

Q. What do I wear for the retreat?
A. Please dress comfortably. During yoga exercises a yoga mat may be used. It is necessary to carry a meditation cushion, or a bolster for the healing meditations. Some meditations are done on straight backed chairs.

Q. How many people can attend a retreat?
A. Most weekend retreats conducted in the US are attended by an average of 10 to 25 people.   International programs are conducted differently.

Q. Are there any dietary restrictions?
A. All meals eaten "On location" should be vegetarian and prepared without any onions and garlic.

Q. What is the average cost of attending a retreat?
A. Most weekend retreats average at about $300 per person (all included).  One day retreats are about $100 per person and do not include accommodation charges. The costs may change depending on the number of people who propose to attend as well as the traveling costs incurred by Swamiji.

Q. Where are the retreat's held?
A. Yoga retreats are offered all over the world. So, you need to decide on a particular place. A place close to nature is ideal for a Meditation and Yoga retreat. Any relaxing place that is ideal for yoga. Always consider having a retreat that is away from city sounds and traffic noises.

Q. Where is Swamiji located?
A. Swami Kripananda travels across the globe and has visited more than 40 countries over the past 25 years. He presently lives in Seattle, Washington.  He travels extensively between California, New York, Europe and Goa.

Swami Kripananda has been teaching Yoga for the past 25 years. He is available for a free consultation. Please email him at: swamiji@kripayoga.org


Attn Yoga Teachers / Studio Owners

Prepare your students for a better yoga routine by arranging a "Healing Yoga Retreat" for them and Swami Kripananda will be there to conduct it for you.


Attn Yoga practitioners

Tell your Yoga studio / Yoga Teacher to prepare a "Healing Yoga Retreat" for you to attend.


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