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Healing the World, One Person at a Time

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Asana and Pranayama, Yoga Postures and Breathing Exercises

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Swami Kripananda's Yoga Workshops and Yoga Retreats

This is a model of a one day retreat conducted by Swami Kripananda

This retreat caters to the deepening of the meditative experience through yoga posturing and meditation

You will learn:

  • The science of yoga.

  • The science of pranayama.

  • The art of meditation.

  • The art of sense withdrawal.

  • Centering in the posture.

  • The rules of posturing.

  • To attain stability in the posture.

For more information on the retreats please email me at


The general benefits of all retreats are as follows:

1) Stress reduction and general release from physical discomfort caused by improper posturing.
2) Improvement in breathing and emotional discomfort
3) An increased sense of well being
4) Improved spinal flexibility
5) An increase in the range of motion of the joints in the body
6) Enhanced self-esteem
7) Overall clarity of the mind.

During the retreat, Swami Kripananda will explain how to perform the asana’ and accelerate your growth in body mind and spirit.

You will learn how to generate your own postures and stay in those postures for extended periods of time, thereby deepening your yoga practice.


Attn Yoga Teachers / Studio Owners

Prepare your students for a better yoga routine by arranging a "Healing Yoga Retreat" for them and Swami Kripananda will be there to conduct it for you.


Attn Yoga practitioners

Tell your Yoga studio / Yoga Teacher to prepare a "Healing Yoga Retreat" for you to attend.


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