Kripa Yoga

Swamiji conducts Healing Yoga and Meditation Workshops / Retreats in
Lisbon, Portugal.
For more info please contact him at:
USA: +1 845-483-YOGA
Russia: +7 982-747-9264
Goa: +91 9075-836-548

Swami Kripananda in Portugal, Europe.



Much  traveled and greatly loved by his followers, Swami Kripananda is a healer of extraordinary abilities. His meditation workshops and retreats are guaranteed to leave participants with a profound experience of the other side. Accredited by Psychics and Mediums alike, Swamiji transports his audience into a whole new world of paranormal experience...   into what he calls a "parallel world of existence".
Swamiji has studied yoga in India and taught in over 5 continents across the globe. He presently resides in Seattle, Washington and still travels extensively, teaching the art of yoga to people in different walks of life. He also holds a degree in wellness and fitness from the State University of New York
His students include Members of Royalty, World Leaders, Film Stars, and  Heads of State from all over the world.
He is highly recommended  for his one-on-one healing yoga workshops.








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